Like API gateways, for databases

Free and open-source cloud-native database gateway
and framework for building data-driven applications

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Category: OSS

Optimize performance by caching SQL SELECT query results in Redis, ensuring efficient invalidation upon DML, DDL, and similar queries. Benefit from features such as TTL, multi-database support, Prometheus metrics, and more.

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Category: Enterprise

Safeguard your systems against SQL injection attacks using our meticulously crafted deep learning models. Detect and prevent these attacks effectively, taking immediate and proactive measures to ensure the security of your data and infrastructure.

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Advanced Cache
Category: Enterprise

Seamlessly invalidate cached results, regardless of direct client connections to the database, ensuring consistent and up-to-date data throughout your infrastructure.

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More features
More features and plugins

Constantly evolving with new features and plugins, our platform ensures you stay ahead with enhanced functionality and capabilities.

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Build robust and resilient data-driven applications

GatewayD helps you build robust and resilient applications, and it works out of the box with zero to no changes to your code and databases.

Supported SQL Databases
Supported SQL Databases

PostgreSQL is officially supported, with more databases being added continuously using plugins. The core is database-agnostic.

Connection Pooling
Connection Pooling & Proxy

Replaces your connection pooling and proxy with a fixed or elastic connection pooling and proxy.


As a first-class citizen, logs, traces and metrics are generated for almost everything. You can observe almost anything happening inside.


Plugins adds features to the core, including caching, SQL injection detection and prevention, and so much more.


Developing a plugin becomes easier using the functionality available via the SDK, including wire protocol parsing, SQL parsing and related features.

Project Templates
Project Templates

Create your own plugin in a matter of minutes using readily-available project templates for Go, Python, and soon other languages.

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Free and open-source cloud-native database gateway and framework for building data-driven applications